Understanding the Amazon Sales Rank

Sellers on amazon dream of get the best sales sales ranking for their products on Amazon. They hope their products be #1 on the product list. There are important tools for you to use and tips to follow.

what is a good amazon sales rank

Amazon Sales Rank

The main aim of sellers everywhere in the world is to make profit from their sales. Therefore, the important question that sellers always ask themselves is: How can they increase their sales to multiply their earnings in the shortest possible time? For example books, how to sell books on Amazon, how to estimate book sales? Read IO Scout comprehensive guide about selling books and make money using IO Scout Amazon seller tools.

The answer boils down to the best of Amazon’s innovative tools, Amazon Sales Rank.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) is a metrical gauge that illustrates the relevance among products within one category established on their sales status. So what does Amazon sales rank mean?

Amazon sales rank of your product means to what extent is your product selling well in case it is compared to its category. If your product has # rank, then it is ideal.

It is updated hourly and can be influenced by several factors, such as seasonality.

For example, if your product has a rank of 10 in the Amazon bestselling products list, this explains that there are still 9 products overtaking your product in ranking.

how to find amazon sales rank

If you wish to verify your product rank, bear in your mind that you should search for its ranking in the same category of other products. Ranking in two different categories is not taken into account. Thus, ranking depends on products being in the same category.

However, what if one product has a sales rank in different sub-categories? The ranking process is valid. Yet, it is better to place the product in the more appropriate category.

Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

Amazon Sales Rank is also known as Best Sellers Rank. It is a calculation depending on Amazon sales and is updated hourly to display the sales history of every product sold on Amazon. Yet, there are some nuances between them that deserve some explanation.

Best Seller Rank pages include the Amazon Best Sellers page. In other words, a product’s ABS page appears on the BSR pages, which in turn means that a product’s BDR is listed on multiple pages. It also means that a product’s ASR is listed on one page. Both of them are based on one category or more than one sub-category.

Nevertheless, it is important for you to try to be the top seller in your product subcategory, not in the product category.

amazon sales rank calculator

For example, as you can see, the children’s bike is currently ranked as #7 in Children’s Toys category, but is #1 in Children’s Bikes, a subcategory of the Children’s Toys main category. Having this detailed report gives you insight into how your products are performing in all Amazon marketplaces.

The Amazon Sales Rank tracker is used to define the level of product’s popularity among buyers within its category. This is determined by the number of the product’s sales in comparison with other products in the same category.

How is Amazon sales rank calculated?

Is there an Amazon sales rank calculator? When you search for the method with which Amazon calculate the sales rank, you will find IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator to estimate sales. Yet, in the process of sales rank calculation, there is not attention paid to elements such as number of reviews, retail price, or even buyers’ testimonies. What is put into consideration is “sales volume”.

Even the time frame of the process of calculation is not clear. Some practitioners in the field claim that sales executed in the last 12 hours are calculated, and others propose a period of 24 hours. On the other hand, there are some experts who provide evidence that Amazon is looking in a long period of sales history in order to rank the best sales.

What might be known is that the earlier and recent weight of purchases is compared and calculated.

·       In the calculation process, the recent purchases have a heavier weight than the recent ones have.

·       This means that in Amazon rank calculation, a sale executed 7 days ago has a lower value than a purchase made an hour ago has.

After adding the sales of products and weighed them, it makes a comparison of the values it has come to and sorts all the products within a category. The products under this category are displayed in a descending order.

The Key Factors that Can Help to Grow Sales Rank

The greatest way to increase your sales is to have a high product ranking on Amazon because this will guide potential customers to your product when they search on the site.

Customer Reviews

A very important factor that helps to grow your product’s sales rank is the number of customers’ reviews. Try to open a communicative channel with customers and encourage them to write reviews on your product.

Answered Questions

At the top of the product page, there is a list of answered questions. Both questions and answers play a significant role in increasing your sales rank.


The product price is a competitive factor that affects your product sales ranking. Therefore, your product price should be competitive.

Image Size and Quality

As An Amazon seller, you should follow Amazon’s image guidelines. Use high-quality images of 1000 x 1000 pixels or more. This gives customers a good opportunity to see you the details of product.

Complete Price Listing

Completing every single field of your product in the listing setup page is very important.

Product Title

Giving a specific, short, and appropriate Amazon title to your product is an essential factor of your conversion rate. This means that the title should contain short easy-to-read title. It should include no more than 150-200 characters.

Use of Bullet Points

You had better show your product features in a list comprised of bullet points. They should include keywords.

Amazon Sales Rank

Product Description

The product description is crucial to increase sales rank Amazon makes, which could attract customers, especially the customers who are always looking for the details.


It is advisable to include the brand in your title. There are customers who tend to search for products by brand name.

Specification Section

This includes the product’s size, color, shipping weight, and other necessary details.

Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank

Detecting online sales would not be an easy task even if you were searching on Amazon. However, Amazon tried hard to make your task a bit easier by devising genius tools to help you detect sales rank. The following three tools are considered the most effective ones.

IO Scout

IO Scout is a versatile tool that helps sellers on Amazon to access the market with perfect, high-demand products to maximize their profits. It also helps sellers easily improve the necessary business processes to make their products bestsellers.

·       A product Database: It can access, track & analyze over 200 million Amazon products. It can also spot the best-selling products via filters, such as sales, income, price, sellers, reviews, inventory and many more.

Amazon Sales Rank

·       It is a product tracker: It can track thousands of products on all Amazon marketplaces to update accurate data.

·       It looks in trends and history: With IO tool, you will be able to get through the history of every single product.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the second Amazon versatile tool that help[s you build and grow your Amazon business.

·       It helps you search for products by keyword, category, sub-category, or custom filters. It also helps you find products with high demand on Amazon. Thus, it saves your time.

what is a good amazon sales rank

·       If you want to know how well a product is selling on Amazon, then Jungle Scout is the appropriate tool. With just a push of a button, you will get through hundreds of products.


This is the third Amazon tool to detect to detect sales and sales rank. It is helpful and easy to use.

·       With Algopix, you can identify any single product by keywords or product description. You will identify products easily and properly.

·       The tool helps you get price recommendations and get through product prices and pricing schemes. Thus, you will be able to make insightful price decisions.

How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank

Improving product sales and Amazon sales ranking is what every seller dreams about. However, you should now that the way to success and achievement is full of difficulties and obstacles that you, as a seller, must overcome. This means that you will likely to go through some trials and errors. Anyway, there are some tips that you had better follow so as to boost your product sales rank on Amazon.

(1) Improve product listing: Try to optimize your product listing for conversions as the first step. In other words, your product list should stand out from other product lists on Amazon.

  • Use good product description.
  • Include high-quality images
  • Complete your product list

(2) Do your keyword search: you should understand that keywords are very important; therefore, you should know how to use them. Proper keyword use will is essential to get your product to the top of product lists, and thus, it boosts the product sales rank.

(3) Get to know top-level categories: Amazon Sales Rank is calculated depending on categories and sub-categories. Getting to know the use of both will affect your visibility in the search results.

(4) Make use of product reviews: If you want to boost your product sales ranking on Amazon, then you should pay thorough attention to product reviews. You have to devise ways to entice customers to search for your product.

(5) Make you product available: it is important to reach customers’ satisfaction by managing your inventory successfully. If you have more than one product, put them in correct order. Do not cause your customers get confused.

Final thoughts

A central factor that pushes your business in the right direction on Amazon is the way you use keywords. You should choose the keyword relevant to your customers.

This means that you MUST recognize your customers’ trends and attitudes. This, in turn, assures that product reviews play a significant role in getting you to grasp your customers’ intention.


What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) ranges from one to one million. The best Amazon Sales Rank is #1. However, a good sales rank ranges from #1 to #4. This means that your product should be on the top four results. The basic rule on Amazon is the lower your number, the higher your rank.

How can I find product rank on Amazon?

It is very easy to find the rank of any product on Amazon without exerting much effort. Head to any available product listing, then scroll down the button.

How to rank higher on Amazon?

The best ways to rank higher on Amazon are using appropriate keywords, optimized listing, good product quality, and FBA. However, there are some effective factors that should be put into consideration, such as advertisements, customer satisfaction, good inventory, etc.

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