Use Amazon Price Trackers to Elevate your Amazon Selling Business and Make More Sales!

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In order to run a successful online Amazon selling business, you need process a lot of data, and keep on top of everything that’s new in your product industry, not to mention keeping track of prices, price amendments, discounts to products, and much more.

The pricing of the products you want to sell in itself is a massive task. In order to stay relevant on the Amazon Marketplace, you need to stay ahead of the pricing game.

To relieve the burden, we’ve checked out some of the definitive Amazon Price Tracker tools on the market today, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your selling business!

What are Amazon Price Trackers?

These nifty price trackers compare Amazon selling prices in real time, along with checking the price history of any particular products, and notifying you when your product falls below a price you have set for it.

How do Amazon Price Trackers Work?  

Amazon Price Trackers work by enabling you to view patterns of product history prices, to start to forecast changes to product prices, and when they are likely to happen. You can then use this data to alter prices and make changes accordingly, in a bid to increasing your sales.

What Can You Do with Amazon Price Trackers?

1.     Keep track of competitors’ product pricing, without continually looking at what they’re selling for every item you offer

2.     Check stock availability

3.     Receive alerts when there are related price drops on Amazon

4.     Some price trackers allow you to see which items on Amazon have seen the biggest price rises and drops over the day before.

5.     Some price trackers show you the most popular items that potential customers have on their own personal tracking lists – you can review current trends, and analyse trends which are the most tracked in total.

These five are just some of the features price trackers can offer you and your business.

We can now dive into the top trackers for checking Amazon price history on your products.

1.      Camel Camel Camel

This free Amazon Price Tracker offers a simple user interface to enable easy product search and pricing information.

Camel Camel Camel also show you the biggest product price drops in all categories for the last day, so you can keep up to date with what’s trending, price-wise.

Your alerts regarding price drops are delivered to you via Twitter, and Camel Camel Camel offer price history charts of over 100 million + Amazon products.

2.      Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon Price Tracker is regarded by sellers as is one of the premium best price trackers on the market today.

This tracker works on all Amazon websites, and gives you the ability to create watch-lists, and set price limitations for each of your products.

You are notified via email when a price falls below the limit you have pre-set.

Amazon Price Tracker is available in two options – Personal & Enterprise.

The Personal option involves a single license for one person and allows you to monitor up to 600 items, whereas Enterprise offers unlimited licenses for more than one user, and includes the item source code. Costs are $29 and $299 per year respectively.

3.      Keepa

Considered a very reputable price tracker, Keepa offers a simple interface, however it contains powerful features.

Along with the basic tracking tools and price alerts, Keepa also notifies you to alerts for stock availability, and price drops (which you can view as both percentages, and dollars).

Keepa can monitor pricing products on the US Amazon page, as well as Asian and European pages.

Once you’ve tagged a product you want to track for price within Keepa, the tracker will notify you of the relevant alerts. Depending on your preference, this can be done via Facebook, Twitter, email or RSS feed.

This tracking tool will set you back $15 monthly, or $180 annually.

amazon price tracker

Keeping Track of Prices is the Way Forward

If you get your product pricing wrong, there are two outcomes:

·       You haemorrhage money

·       You don’t sell anything

Neither of which I assume you want.

So, to be profitable, and to maximise your potential profits, you need to stay one step ahead of the pricing game.

Arm yourself with Amazon price trackers in your tool-belt, and take your game to the next level.

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